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I’m an IT Professional who has spent most of my 20 year career in the technology industry. Like others I have seen significant change in our technologies, communications and our business practices.

Our lives are very much intertwined with technology and the pace of life has increased significantly with many relying daily on the Internet, Email, Blackberry’s and ever increasingly on social media platforms like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Linkedin. Technology has become a framework for our lives yet at the same time news reports indicate that we are burning out and a growing number of us find the balance between work, family and our real passions unattainable.

This site discusses the topics of balance and how we may find some. I'm a writer, blogger, song writer, teacher, social media enthusiast, visionary and IT Professional.

My mission:
To teach the art of bringing balance into our lives within our careers, family, relationships, health, well being and activities that reflect our life passions.

Writing is one of my passions and I enjoy sharing ideas that make a difference for others. With song writing, creating with poetry, music and message are important for me. When I write I’m in the zone and I feel most connected to my true passion.

My Vision:
My vision is to bring writing and teaching into the mainstream focus of my life. Social media and technology are areas of interest and are changing the landscape of the way we do business.

I'm always looking to align with companies or partners who have a similar vision and want to use the methodologies of social media to promote their cause or business.

My purpose:
To create with words and music, teach and communicate ideas that make a difference.

Always open to opportunities for freelance writing, guest posts or articles, speaking to audiences, partnering, contract work or full time opportunities with the right organization.


music, guitars, current events, writing, technology, blogging, politics, economics, personal growth, social media, the environment, song writing and predicting the future. :)